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Few words about lab freezer and where to repair them

Few words about lab freezer and where to repair them

When you go to the lab, to take something to get tested, you can see that there are some refrigerators and freezers that they use for keeping biological or another kind of samples that has to be kept on cold.

Lab freezers have an obvious and crucial function. They are used to cool or freeze samples, to protect them. The difference between refrigerators and freezers is that refrigerators are used to store samples at a temperature between -5 and 15 degrees Celsius and freezers store samples at a temperature between -25 and 15 degrees Celsius.

Some lab freezers are used to store biological samples (vaccines, for example, that have to be kept at a significantly lower temperature). In some labs are used cryogenic freezing that requires specialized equipment that is capable of generating and tolerating extremely low temperatures.

Ultra low-temperature freezers usually store samples at a temperature of -50 degrees Celsius, but sometimes it goes even bellow. They use dual compressor cascade type of system to reach these low temperatures where the first compressor is used to get a temperature of around -40 degrees Celsius. The second compressor is there to get the lower temperature that is needed. This type of lab freezers usually make more noise than a -20 degrees Celsius freezers, use more energy and produce more heat output into the room. The ultra cold freezers repair is more expensive than for a standard lab freezer or refrigerator. If there is a need for the compressor to be replaced, it is necessary to hire a professional.

laboratory_freezerIf you need any help with repair of your freezers or refrigerators, you can contact National Lab Repair Association. They represent a group of independent service groups that can offer you quality service and support programs for lab equipment. It is created to provide customers a source to find local service organizations that have experienced and knowledgeable staff.

NLRA or National Laboratory Repair Association has the commitment to offer high-quality laboratory equipment maintenance and repair services all around the USA. They are dedicated to their customers, want them to be satisfied and keep up to their needs.

They provide service for lab equipment such as alarm systems, blood bank freezers, chillers, CO2 incubators, incubators, ice machines and much more. Not all services are available in all areas, so it is needed to call and check out for your area.

NLRA also does service of many brands: Norlake, Sanyo, FTS, Panasonic, Marvel, Microm, etc. They offer their clients additional services such as calibration service, delivery service, equipment installation, equipment disposal and relocation service, rental ULT freezers, service and support for older pieces of equipment, etc.

Freezing and refrigerators equipment is used in forensic, biological labs, but also for storage of medical or pharmaceutical supplies. It is very important to keep the temperature according to standards of every laboratory. That is why it is recommended to keep equipment safe and if the fault occurs it is important to call someone who has a knowledge and experience in fixing the laboratory equipment.

I’m a happy person that loves cats and climbing on mountains.

Elijah Hunter

I'm a happy person that loves cats and climbing on mountains.

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