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Posted by on Mar 25, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Why Plumbers Need to Embrace Social Media

Why Plumbers Need to Embrace Social Media

Regardless of whether a company consists of a single employee or if it is part of a franchised group, it is crucial to ensure that its marketing department takes advantage of social media marketing in every way possible – this is especially true for plumbers. There are a few ways in which these artisans are able to make use of social media to improve their online presence tremendously.

It’s Free Advertising

Many plumbers are in the habit of paying to place adverts in their local newspapers or yellow pages in the hopes of getting more work in. However, fewer people now use these channels because they have turned to social media to get the word out about their business or to find someone – like a plumber – to perform a task instead. In most cases, using social media to advertise is free (unless you want to pay to promote a particular advert or post). Some of the most popular platforms plumbers can use include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Instagram.

Fast Results

Anyone who has placed adverts in newspapers will know how long the process can take – often a few days from start to finish. However, with social media advertising, a plumber can get the word out about his rates, service offerings or even promotions that he may be advertising within a few minutes at the most with Facebook or other platforms. In many cases, a plumbing contractor can expect to receive calls within a few minutes of an advert going live.

Grow a Client Base

When using offline means of advertising, it could take a business many years to build a decent client base. However, reverting to social media to place adverts and engage with potential or existing customers can help a plumber increase the size of his client base far quicker than ever before. Online ‘word of mouth’ – that is, when one social media user tells another one about the great service that they received from their plumber – is by far one of the best forms of advertising there is.

Social Media Tips for Plumbers

After setting up social media profiles, it is important for plumbing companies to understand that they will need to spend a little time engaging with fans and clients from time to time if they want to keep them happy. It is also essential that fans are not spammed with adverts wither – one to two per weekday are usually sufficient to get the word out without appearing obnoxious or desperate. Plumbers who are too busy to spend time creating social media campaigns or set up profiles should enlist the help of someone who does, as this will ensure that their businesses receive the exposure that they deserve.

Once a plumbing service has embraced the use of social media to market their businesses, there will not be any reason for them to advertise much elsewhere – with the exception of signage on their vehicles, of course. This will help ensure that their hard work and good reputation receives the level of exposure that it deserves.

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