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Posted by on Aug 3, 2016 in Health, Home, Lifestyle | 0 comments

Why Using A Cervical Collar After An Accident Is Important For Social Media Marketers

Why Using A Cervical Collar After An Accident Is Important For Social Media Marketers

Pain.When it comes to cervical neck pain, social media marketers are highly susceptible. Working over a desk and computer all day can wreak havoc on your neck and back. This is especially true if you’ve suffered whiplash. Whiplash is a very serious injury that can occur during car accidents, sporting accidents, and other kinds of falls and impacts where the neck is thrown, similar to a bullwhip, first one way and then the other, pulling and straining the spine. There are actually different degrees of whiplash depending on how strong the blunt force trauma is and the ensuing reverse direction motion. One of the big problems with this type of injury is that many times the seriousness is highly underestimated, especially at first. A person may only have a slightly sore neck that will then stiffen up and become completely immovable by the next day.


The Most Common Causes Of Whiplash Are Car Accidents

Car accidents cause over 1 million cases of whiplash each year and motorcycles add many more. In addition to that, plenty of athletes are injured playing football, soccer, baseball, basketball, and most other sports where they can fall and hit the ground hard, causing a whipping motion.

Some of the most common symptoms won’t appear immediately, but will begin a few hours later and worsen throughout the next day. The pain can appear in the upper shoulders or neck, and be accompanied by muscle spasms and even numbness in the extremities as the swelling begins to pinch nerves.


A Cervical Collar Can Help Immensely

One of the first things that a person should do is get a good quality cervical collar and place it around the neck. This will help to immobilize the neck and reduce the pain almost immediately. In addition to that, these collars reduce the compression of the neck vertebrae due to gravity, which is more than likely also highly compressed because of muscle tension.

One of the human body’s defenses against becoming completely disabled after an accident is to tighten the muscles around the joint in order to hold things together while things heal. This is not always the best recipe for healing when it comes to the neck, as many times relaxing the muscles and pulling the vertebrae apart can help them realign correctly and heal faster.


A Medical Professional May Recommend Traction

Traction is when a certain amount of light pressure is applied to a joint, thus pulling it apart. This serves several purposes in helping muscles to relax so the joints can realign naturally while the cartilage repairs itself without pressure.

It’s important that a medical professional supervises all forms of traction and that plenty of x-rays are taken and examined in order to know the full extent of one’s injuries. There’s always the possibility of discs becoming displaced, also known as a slipped disc, and nerves or the spinal column getting pinched, which can cause paralysis.


If You’re Witness To A Serious Sports Injury Or Car Accident Involving The Neck, Call 911

Immediately after any accident or injury has occurred, it’s important that the neck be completely immobilized while the person is transported directly to a hospital. It’s impossible to know how serious a neck injury is before x-rays have been examined and any movement of the neck could prove catastrophic for the spinal column. Emergency personnel will always have a cervical collar to use while transporting patients.

Having a neck injury can be quite painful and can last months or even years. It’s important to follow the advice of medical professionals in order to not aggravate the problem and cause more damage. There are highly trained doctors with plenty of experience in helping people with neck injuries and they should be relied upon to use their experience to help. Take care of your neck and consult a doctor immediately if you think you’ve injured it. With your pain under control, you can get back to conquering the world of social media marketing.

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