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Posted by on Mar 9, 2016 in SEO | 0 comments

Top Reasons for Your Business to Use Social Media

Top Reasons for Your Business to Use Social Media

As a business, comprehending your intended interest group and their motivation to follow you on online networking sites is key in deciding how to best associate with, and develop your knowledge of people. Knowing your own particular USPs and understanding your clients well will give your business a voice and means you’ll have the capacity to make and content that registers with your followers.


Importance of Social Media in Business

The importance of social media for business can be comprehended from a study which was conducted by LinkedIn and market research firm TNS. Here, the thoughts of many top decision makes of approximately 1000 small and medium businesses about social media were recorded. It was observed that, 81% of them used social media to drive growth. 94% of them stated that they used social media for marketing. And 90% claimed that social media is effective in building awareness. So if you’re still not convinced about using social media for your business, read the following reasons why you should.


Why Use Social Media for Your Company

There is simply no other advertising medium that allows as much creativity and control other than social media. Businesses can tailor their campaign according to the situation and seem more genuine and less pushy to the customers.

social media for your business

Social media is also where a huge chunk of a business’s targeted customers are. By employing social media as a part of their marketing campaign, companies can build invaluable bonds with its customers directly. Social media allows a business to feel the pulse of its target market.

A prominent presence on social media allows the potential customers to find a business easily. In today’s world, effortlessness plays a big role in marketing decisions. By making it easier for the online populace to find your business, you can significantly boost your chances of success.

Interacting with the customers through social media, a business can gain the trust and improve its brand image. Sometimes, customers who would rather not talk to the businesses in person, find it easier to do so over the social media allowing for improved customer satisfaction. When you look at the Bridge Communications website, you can see that not only do they promote their video advertising services, but they also include links to their social media throughout the website. This strategy is following by most big corportations online.

One of the key skills of a successful business is to find out its shortcomings and fix them promptly. By using social media tracking tools, a business can easily find out the negative things the customers are saying about it. They can work on fixing those as soon as possible and this improves customer’s perception about a business.

Furthermore, presence on social media is crucial to expand the reach of your contents. Through sharing and interacting about your product or business, you can take advantage of the word-of-mouth channel and reach even more audience. Moreover, social media in business allow customer views to snowball into epic proportions. This upturn of interaction about your business attracts more web traffic to your business. That means more sales and more success.


Social Media in Business isn’t a Luxury

Investing in social media promotions cost you far less than the traditional modes of advertisement. With changing lifestyle trends, the traditional media is losing efficiency and that’s why it is prudent for any firm to take advantage of social media in business!




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