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Posted by on Apr 27, 2016 in Advertising | 0 comments

How Mercedes Benz Can Capitalize On Social-Better

How Mercedes Benz Can Capitalize On Social-Better


A Look at Mercedes-Benz’ Viral Video ‘The Catch’

There are very few sure-thing formulas when it comes to trying to create a video that will be shared time and again over social media to the point of being considered viral. Catching insane natural phenomena on video is one way to get millions of views, especially if the event appears dangerous in some manner like being stuck in a hurricane or filming a tornado as it tears its way through your town. Likewise, catching an animal doing something out of the ordinary will also end up garnering a massive amount of hits, especially if said animal is a cat. One video type that isn’t as reliably viral but can yield impressive view counts, though, is when people attempt to break or create world records. Mercedes-Benz video ‘The Catch’ is one such video, which, to date, has earned itself over 2.7 million views.

Released in June of 2012, ‘The Catch’ was released at a time when the internet couldn’t have been more ripe insofar as viral YouTube videos are concerned. If you take into consideration that the ridiculously popular (and hilariously ridiculous) music video Gangnam Style by PSY was released less than a month after Mercedes’ video, it’s not difficult to imagine ‘The Catch’ having received millions more views with only minor changes to the presentation. By no means should this be taken as an implication that the car manufacturer’s video should have been a Korean music video, but there are a few tiny modifications that we think could have likely doubled its view count.


‘The Catch’ would benefit from a little commentary overlay that described either why they did the stunt, where the idea came from, previous attempts by other people or some other bits of interesting information. Preferably, this commentary would be given by David Coulthard and Jake Shephard – the driver and golfer, respectively – to quickly create the feeling that they have some sort of bond with each other. The commentary wouldn’t have to be the entire length of the video, but would have been well suited to happen during the failed attempts at the beginning of the video.

Different Branding

While this change would be practically impossible, the video still would have likely received many more views if a different entity had released it. Rather than Mercedes-Benz itself, a smaller company loosely associated with Mercedes like Adsitco ( would have made the feat feel like a bigger win all around. ‘The Catch’ still would have brought all the intended attention to the SLS, but a smaller organization wouldn’t have felt like there was unlimited money behind the filming. The burnout and breaking after the catch could have transitioned into, “if you need replacement brakes for your Mercedes visit us”. Or “If you blow your Engine out on your Mercedes Benz get one from us”. Being able to drive sales directly through a marketing effort like this could increase sales on items like Transmissions and other parts related to owning a Mercedes Benz like drivetrains.

Rules Breakdown

Whether part of the aforementioned commentary or just as a brief text overlay, the video should have described the parameters used to make it a world record. As one YouTube commenter noted, “couldn’t you just install a giant funnel on top of your car?” You see, by posting the rules directly in the video, people would have been more tempted to attempt to break the record set in ‘The Catch’, which in turn would have meant more repeated viewings and inbound links.

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Social Media And Its Popularizing Of Grass-Fed Beef

Social Media And Its Popularizing Of Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef has gained a lot of popularity over the years and has grown 30% when it comes to sales. It is one of the most desired forms of meat, and one of the main reasons has to do with how it is being marketed.

Social media has shown to be the catalyst for this growth and that is what continues to woo people and show them the value being offered.

grass-fed cow that could go viral on social media

Too many individuals were not aware of grass-fed beef and that was the reason they were not making the purchase, but it has all changed now.

Let’s see what social media has done.

1) Brought Awareness To Grass-Fed Beef

There has been an increase in awareness when it comes to this type of beef. The average person won’t know the difference and they have to be taught over time. Social media does it in bursts and that is the best part.

It tells you the benefits, why it is a must, and how to use it for better meals.

This is why people are now using this type of beef and don’t rely on anything else when it comes to their meat options. In addition, restaurant meat suppliers are educating people in the foodservice industry about the benefits of grass-fed in order to help make it more accessible to the general public.

Social media has done an excellent job of spreading awareness of this beef and what it can do.

2) Made It The “Go To” Choice

It is the go-to choice at this point and the one people ask for when they are going to the market. They want to find this type of meat and when people already have this in their mind, the rest is history.

They will evidently make the purchase or they are not going to buy anything because they want this type of meat.

When you have this attitude towards the meat, it all comes from social media.

They have showed people that this is the only choice and the other option is inferior and not worth wasting your time on.

3) Easier To Spread

The word went around and social media is an excellent way to market such an option. In the past, the experts were aware of what grass-fed beef had to provide, but were not able to get people to listen.

Most individuals don’t want an expert to tell them to their face because it just seems like a way for a product to be sold and meat processors to make more money, and that puts people off.

Instead, by seeing it shared and liked by random, normal people, you get to appreciate what the grass-fed beef can do.

This is how social media has become a powerful tool that has changed how the meat industry works. In the past, this would never have been possible in terms of the growth that has been seen. Grass-fed beef would have remained on the fringes as people went with conventional options, but it has changed entirely now.

People are willing to go with grass-fed beef because it is not a new thing that has come out of nowhere. It is something that almost everyone is doing now.

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Using Social Media to improve your business

Using Social Media to improve your business

Like the vast majority of other people, it is highly likely that you are very familiar with or already use at least one type of social media platform. But, maybe you are still unsure about the whole thing,  maybe you are still wondering about some of the aspects of social media. Usually, it falls down to thinking whether social media is somehow helping or hindering your life. In case you are a businessman/woman or a business owner you probably think about its effects on the increase in productivity or the campaign of building brand awareness. On the other hand, you might simply think of it as a tool for wasting a significant amount of free time.

     To somewhat clear things up, social media is considered the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration. Websites and applications dedicated to forums, social networking, microblogging, social curation, wikis and social networking  are among the different types of social media. It is safe to say that today we live in the age of social media. But, when this age began, people were not that convinced that it would thrive that way it did and still is. Most people considered it as a marketing interest of short- lasting effect and also an unprofitable one. Today, the picture is quite different. According to a recent study, 92% of marketers claim that social media marketing is important for their business, with 81% indicate that their efforts increase the traffic to their websites. Another study shows that 96% of marketers are currently participating in social media activities but 84% of participants aren’t sure what social media tools are the best to use. A pretty interesting food for thought for someone who consider himself/herself a business owner. One can easily notice the huge potential the social media holds for the increase of sales. But, a problem arises when one thinks about how exactly the social media needs to be utilized for that to happen. For that, we can offer some tips.


     Using the social media today is perhaps the best way of learning about your target audience. Knowing your customers is the key and social media makes it easier than ever. With it, you can learn about their likes and dislikes, their languages, age, gender etc. With this knowledge you can easily make successful advertising campaigns. Finding new audience and potential customers is also made easier with the help of social media. Using, for example, Twitter, can allow you to locate your current customers or seek out potential customers. Another important thing to know is how your customers react to your goods or services. Social media can make you aware of the positive, or negative, feedback from your customers. When you release a brand new product or service, you can immediately get to know how people react to it. You can learn how people use those products or services and base new ones the ideas of the customers. Another thing to mention is that you can increase the recognition of your brand.  Your social media networks are just new channels for your brand’s voice and content. This is important because it simultaneously makes you easier and more accessible for new customers, and makes you more familiar and recognizable for existing customers.

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