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Posted by on Mar 4, 2016 in Lifestyle, Uncategorized |

Using Social Media To Find DUI, DWI & OWI Lawyers

Using Social Media To Find DUI, DWI & OWI Lawyers

Drunk driving is something that people simply should not be doing. Driving while you are under the influence is dangerous for you as well as the other drivers on the road, and there is never an excuse for behaving so recklessly. Especially with the establishment of Uber and Lyft, there are multiple ways to get home safely (even without a designated driver). The key is to know before you even go out drinking that there are all of these options available to you and that each of them is less expensive than getting a DUI. Even with a variety of options to get home safely, some people still get in the car and drive home after a night of drinking. If you happen to get a DUI, you will need to look for a DUI attorney who can help you with your case. While most people will use a search engine to find a good lawyer, others will turn to social media for their search. There are two ways you can use social media to find a DUI lawyer.

First, you can use it to reach out to your network of friends, family members, and colleagues to ask for recommendations. Most people choose to do this in a private way with messages to friends rather than posting a status update announcing your DUI to the world. This way you can avoid a lot of negative comments from disapproving friends and family. If you know of a friend who got a DUI, then you can reach out to them on Facebook via a private message. You can also take a look at some of the pages people like to see if anyone has liked a DUI lawyer. It’s always nice to get recommendations from people you know rather than just choosing blindly.

You can also use social media websites to learn more about a New Jersey DWI lawyer and to see reviews left by previous clients. Yelp can be a great source to see what people did and did not like about specific attorneys. You may also be able to figure out if a lawyer specialized in DUI law or if he practices in a variety of legal fields. Many DUI lawyers will also practice personal injury law and a couple of other types of law to ensure that they always have business coming in.

A lawyer’s Facebook page for his business will provide you with some additional information that you may not find on his website. It will also help you determine the legitimacy of a law firm. A good law firm will regularly be posting about changes in laws, high profile cases, and local news and issues. Taking a look at Facebook may help you figure out which OWI attorneys are trustworthy and legitimate and which ones have just started or are not putting the maximum effort into their legal practice.

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