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Posted by on Feb 29, 2016 in News |

Social Media Marketing for SEO Companies

Social Media Marketing for SEO Companies

Search engine optimization continues to be the hot topic among digital marketers. Because of this, there are new businesses and digital marketing companies providing Maryland search engine optimization services every day. It can be difficult for the existing SEO businesses to stay afloat with all of this competition, so what should you do to stay ahead? The answer is social media marketing. Below are three advantages of social media marketing for SEO agencies.

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  1. Social Media Marketing is good for your SEO

The truth is that as an SEO expert, you should already be doing social media marketing. There are a variety of ways to optimize a website including on-page optimization, keyword research, linking between your pages, and updating your Google Business listing. Another great way to improve a website’s search engine rankings is to use social media. Think about it like this: Google’s algorithm is changing all the time. A lot of the changes are to fight against SEO companies that are trying to game the system. Part of what Google’s employees are doing is taking a look at what a legitimate company with a large following (think Nike, Apple, Netflix, and Amazon) has both on and off of its website. These companies have a lot of different pages on their websites, a lot of people going to their websites every day, and of course, a large social media following. Not every great company is going to have a large social media following, but every legitimate business will have social media pages with some followers. This is just common sense.


  1. Social Media Marketing is a free way to be seen

So maybe you only have a couple of hundred people who like your company’s Facebook page. I guess people are not excited about having SEO tips and tricks showing up on their newsfeed. If you are posting information that is interesting on a regular basis, then maybe one of your fans will like something and share it. Next, their friends will see it, and one of their friends may happen to be a business owner who did not know about SEO or who has been looking for a new SEO company. This may not happen often, but it is a great way to get your business in front of people for free.


  1. Social Media Marketing will make your company more trustworthy

Just like Google, people want to make sure a business is legitimate and trustworthy. This is understandable, especially when it comes to SEO companies since the industry is not exactly known for honest behavior. One of the ways that people will determine the legitimacy of an SEO company is by checking out the company’s social media. If they see that someone has been posting fairly regularly, the information is right, and the people who like the page are real, and then there will automatically be more trust. It is nice to be trusted before someone even picks up the phone to call you.

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