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Are you a camping enthusiast?  You need these

Are you a camping enthusiast? You need these

Work without play makes Jack a dull boy.   Going for a camp is one of the best methods to have fun. Before you leave for camp, consider safety first.

Carry a camping first aid kit

camping first aidOutdoor first aid kits are an essential part of outdoors.  They help you to be prepared in case of an accident.  They have items that help in attending to victims of accidents such as cuts, insect bites, falls or shock in case something goes wrong. A camping first aid kit should have wound coverings, medications and safety tools. Outdoor first aid kits include assorted bandages adhesive tape, scissors and antibiotic ointment. They also have pain relievers.   Moleskin for blisters, a cold compress and anti-allergy medication to relieve insect bites or sting is also essential.  A camping first aid kit is portable therefore lightweight enough to   pack with your luggage and carry around. Make sure that it is packed at a place where you can reach it fast. Before leaving the house, make sure that each person going for camping is familiar with contents in first aid kit and know the way to use them.

If there is space, you may include personal care items like insect repellant, water treatment system, sunscreen and lip balm.

Get a pair of cut resistant gloves

When in a camp you will have to do a number of chores. It helps to carry cut resistant gloves. They are made with different materials that protect hands from bruises and cuts when working. They come in hand when you need to use hazardous tools, handle sharp edges items or broken glass.

Cut resistant gloves are made of different material to suit the kind of job you will do.  They can even be uses for kitchen work to protect fingers from injuries. In such instances, these gloves will not have materials that are used for industrial purposes. These gears have padding between glove shell and palm. It gives protection from sharp appliances that you may use at the camp.

Carry a paracord survival kit

survival kitA survival kit is an essential package of basic supplies and tools that are prepared to help in survival during an emergency. It is therefore an essential component when you go to a camp. There are different types of survival kits which are in different sizes.  A paracord survival kit will have tools and supplies necessary for survival. They might include supplies that help with the following:

  • Keeping warm
  • Meet basic first aid and health needs
  • Signal rescuers in case of emergency
  • Provide water and food
  • Find way to help

A survival kit will normally have a knife mostly the kind used by military personnel, matches, first aid kit and tinder. It also has flashlight, sewing kit, bandana and fish hooks.

Get a lazer tag twin pack

After packing essentials for survival at a camp, you need to think about having fun. One of the ways to enjoy camping is by playing a laser game.  Consider buying a lazer tag twin pack for you kids and their friends. Include laser guns that function well in any kind of lighting.   Laser game can be played in the field or woods hence great for campsites.

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