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Supporting Workplace Flexibility For A Happier Society

Supporting Workplace Flexibility For A Happier Society

Sir Richard Branson has a wonderful view to work life balance which he affords to all his employees throughout his vast corporate empire. His belief is that making work a more pleasant place to be, by offering more flexibility; such as the ability to dress down, work from home or part-time, and take unpaid leave if they wish, will attract people and encourage them to stay and fulfill their potential.

We echo his belief and encourage all employers to, at least in part, follow his example. We are all about creating innovative workplace solutions and flexibility in support of modern families with the belief that it will create a happier society, and a better, more productive workplace.

CV For Working FamiliesOur support of working families is not limited to supporting the core family unit of parents with children, but also workers who require flexibility around the needs and demands of their extended family.

For example we spoke with Vicky who, as well as having a full time job, is also the primary caregiver for her elderly and sick mother.

Vicky’s mother requires full time care. And while she does benefit from the services of a home health aide it still places a lot of demand on Vicky. She was struggling to figure out how she would manage her full time job working in translations services for an Interpreting Agency.

Vicky contacted us for some advice before approaching her employer to request some understanding and flexibility.

Luckily the translations agency Vicky works for showed themselves to be an innovative and modern employer who were very willing to cooperate, extending their appreciation for her as an employee. Together they reached the following agreement:

Aside from company meetings, client meetings and prescheduled translations and interpreting appointments Vicky has been granter flexible working hours.
She has been connected up to the company’s server so that she can work remotely to suit her circumstances.
A small team of other employees have been appointed as Vicky’s ‘shadows’, ready to step into Vicky’s shoes should she become unavailable at short notice. This is particularly important for Vicky’s work as a court interpreter.

We encourage all employers around the country to be equally as adaptive as Vicky’s employers have been. It will always result in a happier, more loyal and ultimately more productive workplace. It is often wrongly assumed that being too ‘lenient’ with employees will result in employees becoming slack or taking advantage.

We think you’ll find that the exact opposite will prove to be true.

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