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Posted by on Apr 7, 2016 in Home, Lifestyle | 0 comments

Spring Cleaning and Redecorating You Home

Spring Cleaning and Redecorating You Home

As you know, when spring comes it is time to thoroughly clean your home. In winter we usually have a feeling that we were trapped inside our home but when spring arrives, we feel liberated because it’s finally time to open the windows and refresh ourselves and the space we live in.

Instead of using the cleaning products you usually do, try to think of greener alternatives that will also make your house pristine. Chemicals found in ordinary cleaning products can sometimes be more dangerous than all the dirt you want to get rid of. You can make your own cleaning products using simple ingredients like baking soda, olive oil, lemon juice, borax, newspapers and essential oils. For example, water mixed with little lemon juice and a tablespoon of olive oil is a great naturally made product for cleaning and polishing your wooden surfaces. Newspapers are great for cleaning your windows, they won’t leave any stains on the glass.


After you’re done with cleaning you should consider changing some of your furniture or redecorating. Furniture is very important because it defines the space we live in. Sometimes, picking out the right furniture can give us a headache because we just don’t know where to start. For start, you can search online for furniture near me and find a great local dealer who will help you choose something nice. If you consider to entirely change a piece of furniture, that piece should be something you use very often, like sofas, chairs, tables, wardrobes and so on. Always try to find the furniture that will open up your space, it is also desirable to add functionality to your space. If you live in a small home, you should try to pack your furniture inside of it in a way that will make your home comfortable, not tight and inconvenient. For example buy sofa that acts as a bed too, or get beds that include storage areas inside them.


If you have an extra room in your house it would be great to make yourself a little working room (office). This is especially great for dads who can enjoy this room as their man cave, but it is also cool for mams because they can make this room their hobbies room. Of course, the room would be very useful for the kids, especially when they grow older because in there, they could study in peace, without any noise bothering them. If you need this kind of furniture Maryland office furniture is a great place to start looking for the things you need. You can for example choose some wooden furniture, like desks and shelves but always choose solid wood furniture. Solid wood is natural wood that has gone through basic processes that made the wood stronger and enhanced its natural quality and beauty. Solid wood furniture is very long lasting. Leather finishes are also a good choice but are a little bit more expensive. It is also very long lasting. Whatever fabric you choose, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should always check out online reviews of the things you’re intending to buy. After you’re finished checking out the reviews, type in your browser locate furniture for my office (or if you need furniture for some other room, just enter that) and you’ll surely find some great companies or local dealers.


Choose your furniture according to your style and always personalize it! Clean and beautifully personalized home is a happy home.

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Wannabe surfer, coffee addict and lover of motorcycles.

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