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Posted by on Mar 21, 2016 in SEO |

Social Media Tips For Hiring A Video Production Company

They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words. If that’s true, then how many words is a video worth? In today’s digital marketing world, every business, no matter how big, needs to produce videos for its website, its YouTube channel, and other social media platforms. Videos are the best way to gain the trust of potential customers, inform them of your company’s culture and services, and provide a big picture of the quality that your company provides.

Decide what the video is for

Videos can say a lot of different things. You can have a video on the “about” section of your website to tell customers what is important to you and your employees and to develop a personal connection with people who are visiting your website. You can have a video to explain the services that your company offers. This is especially helpful if your company offers a service that is not well known. You could also have a video that demonstrates the work that you have done for a current or previous customer. The first thing you need to do when hiring a production company is to decide what exactly you want. Going to production companies virginia without knowing what you are asking for is like cutting in line at McDonalds and taking an hour to figure out what you want.

Make a list of what you want

Whether you have a distinct style in mind, you have a strict deadline, or you want a company that will make unlimited edits to the video it produces, you need to have a list of your expectations. This will help you decide between the different companies that are out there. Some may be better able to deal with a short timeline. Others may be better able to work with your small budget.

Use resources to find reputable companies

There are many resources accessible to help you find companies that are reliable and that provide quality services. Google Maps will help you locate local businesses. Another resources is your contact list full of other business owners who have used video production companies in the past. Ask them who they liked and who they did not like. Have none of your colleagues used video production services? Use Google or another search engine to search for companies in your area. You will also find a plethora of reviews on websites like Google for business and Yelp.

Interview companies

Once you have a list of potential production companies, you can begin interviewing them to see which ones will be able to provide you with everything that you want and need. This is where you may need to make some tough decisions. One company may be able to work within your budget, but they may not be able to provide as many edits as you want. Another company may be able to get the video done within a month, but it may not be able to work with a smaller budget.