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Posted by on Apr 28, 2016 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

How To Engage Your Michigan Audience Online

How To Engage Your Michigan Audience Online

How Social Media And Viral Marketing Works

Michigan The FreshCoast by Livnfresh


Creativity today is a must if you want to promote anything online and receive meaningful attention. The massive amount of content being made available across social media platforms every single second is simply overwhelming to the targeted users. You aren’t going to attract any audience if you don’t know how to emotionally connect or excite the people you want to consume your content. People use different social media networks or platforms for different reasons and every time you need their attention should understand what’s probably going on in their minds. If what you share is in sync with their interests and they see the value of sharing it with their friends, they definitely would do that.


There is a science behind creating viral content and executing your marketing strategy for the desired results to be achieved. You are not going to be successful every time, but as long as you do everything the right way still stand a good chance of making your campaign go viral. Don’t share content simply because you have it ready, ask yourself if the timing or context is right. What’s probably going to have the potential of going viral today is a video or an image telling a very interesting story with unexpected twist. Make sure whatever the story is about isn’t going to trigger negative reactions that might harm your brand. If you are highlighting a certain problem that annoys many people, make sure they see your brand as part of the solution and not the problem. Your idea of conveying the message should be as simple as possible for everyone to understand.


There are so many ideas you could come up with to produce and share on social media content that can potentially go viral. Suppose you want to promote tours and travel business in Pure Michigan. Think about all the things to do in Michigan State taking into account all the top attractions there. You may want to come up with a video that’s going to win the hearts of many people online. What could someone on tour enjoying some adventurous activities do with a pet? We have already seen surfing dogs, so you may want to try something else with your pet. You may try out different things with your pet as you never know what’s going to come out more interesting. Your pet may just pull out unexpected move or reaction, all what’s needed to bring out an element of surprise for your video to go viral once shared. Your video should capture the necessary Michigan gear and clothing like this Cute Womens Fresh Coast Hoodie, to inspire audience with the pride of this naturally beautiful state. T-shirts and a variety of Michigan apparel are available online from Livnfresh.


Social media provides the perfect opportunity for any business even on a tight budget to apply creativity in their marketing and achieve great results. If your video or any other content you share on social media networks goes viral, the business potential that comes with such opportunities can be huge. That’s why even the big brands out there cannot hesitate trying out their creative viral marketing ideas.

I have a cat named Napoleon. I love spicy foods and beautiful pictures.

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I have a cat named Napoleon. I love spicy foods and beautiful pictures.

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