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What you need to know when traveling to Canada?

What you need to know when traveling to Canada?

From march next year all Britons who travel to Canada will have to apply online to enter into the state of Canada. The introduction of an electronic travel authorization brings Canada’s entry requirements same as those US have and which requires visa-exempt, an electronic system to travel to apply before travel. Canadians who travel to the UK as the tourists don’t need visa of any kind. The application for web site for ETA has been live since the start of august but however the documents will not be required till the March 15, 2016. The Canadian government has confirmed this information recently. As it stands, the British people who wish to travel to the State of Canada can do this without of visa, so however the foreign office says that entrants may need to prove that they have sufficient funds to supports their time of stay. But however non Brits are those wishing to stay for a long period should check with Canadian High commission before travel as they many require visa.

The cost of an Canada’s ETA application is 7$ and the government guarantees that you will get a staying permission an a matter of days finally. The applicants are needed to input biographic, passport and other information’s trough a web site. A spokesperson said “The new process allow Canadian government to screen all travelers before they enter the country”. This authorization is electronically linked to your passport and it is valid for more than five years or until your passport expire, whichever comes first.

Canadian flag in front of te snow capped Rocky Mountains, British Columbia, Canada.

Canadian flag in front of te snow capped Rocky Mountains, British Columbia, Canada.

That is why you must travel with a passport that you applied for your eTA with who you can enter into the State of Canada whenever you like, so you have to know that ESTA is required by travelers to enter the US which is not needed for American citizens who are entering by land. The foreign office advises that all the visitors travelling between America and Canada have to check their obligations with the relevant embassies. For other foreign nations wishing to enter Canada must obtain a temporary resident visa from one of the Canadian diplomatic missions, unless he or she is a citizen of one of the 51 eligible visa exempts countries and also territories. Every year more than 35 million people visit Canada so Canada will introduce a mandatory Electronic Travel authorization for all visa free eligible nationals excluding USA citizens. Who are arriving by air from 29 September 2016. Or if you want to visit Canada for a famous Canadian holiday or business reasons, travelers are always able to apply early as of August 1, 2015.  Select visa requiring nationals would also be ready and eligible for eTA. And the citizents of countries like (Eu, Andora, Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Brunei, Chile, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Monako, etc)  are able to visit or transit through Canada with a valid passport and without obtaining visa for a period of up to 6 months and even more. Visitors are eligible if there are in good health to convince an immigration officer to that they have ties and relationships and that they will come back home and do not stay in country longer than it should be.

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Why Plumbers Need to Embrace Social Media

Why Plumbers Need to Embrace Social Media

Regardless of whether a company consists of a single employee or if it is part of a franchised group, it is crucial to ensure that its marketing department takes advantage of social media marketing in every way possible – this is especially true for plumbers. There are a few ways in which these artisans are able to make use of social media to improve their online presence tremendously.

It’s Free Advertising

Many plumbers are in the habit of paying to place adverts in their local newspapers or yellow pages in the hopes of getting more work in. However, fewer people now use these channels because they have turned to social media to get the word out about their business or to find someone – like a plumber – to perform a task instead. In most cases, using social media to advertise is free (unless you want to pay to promote a particular advert or post). Some of the most popular platforms plumbers can use include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Instagram.

Fast Results

Anyone who has placed adverts in newspapers will know how long the process can take – often a few days from start to finish. However, with social media advertising, a plumber can get the word out about his rates, service offerings or even promotions that he may be advertising within a few minutes at the most with Facebook or other platforms. In many cases, a plumbing contractor can expect to receive calls within a few minutes of an advert going live.

Grow a Client Base

When using offline means of advertising, it could take a business many years to build a decent client base. However, reverting to social media to place adverts and engage with potential or existing customers can help a plumber increase the size of his client base far quicker than ever before. Online ‘word of mouth’ – that is, when one social media user tells another one about the great service that they received from their plumber – is by far one of the best forms of advertising there is.

Social Media Tips for Plumbers

After setting up social media profiles, it is important for plumbing companies to understand that they will need to spend a little time engaging with fans and clients from time to time if they want to keep them happy. It is also essential that fans are not spammed with adverts wither – one to two per weekday are usually sufficient to get the word out without appearing obnoxious or desperate. Plumbers who are too busy to spend time creating social media campaigns or set up profiles should enlist the help of someone who does, as this will ensure that their businesses receive the exposure that they deserve.

Once a plumbing service has embraced the use of social media to market their businesses, there will not be any reason for them to advertise much elsewhere – with the exception of signage on their vehicles, of course. This will help ensure that their hard work and good reputation receives the level of exposure that it deserves.

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Using Social Media To Find Great Neighborhoods

Using Social Media To Find Great Neighborhoods

There is absolutely no doubt that literally half of the world can be found on social media sites. After all, you as an individual also seem to spend the majority of your time on social media sites. Be it Facebook or Twitter, you seem to be quite addicted to it. So since you are using social media to improve your social life and social interactions, why not use it to find great neighborhoods?

Hand, Pen, Filler, Fountain Pen, Signature, Lease

One advantage that social media has over traditional property rental ads is that all kinds of property management DC can be located on the internet. In the case of newspapers and other traditional mediums, you would only be able to find property rentals which are located in a particular geographical location. This can be considered to be a drawback in some cases if you are looking for a wider set of options. To enjoy this benefit, all you would have to do is social media to find some great neighborhoods.

When using social media for your other activities, you might already be a pro at it. Starting from posting pictures and sharing videos – you have gotten all of it hands down. You might wonder how to search for property management DC with the help of social media. After all, it is not something which you have attempted before. However, it is also not something which you should be overly worried about. Just read on below to get some handy and helpful advice about how you can use the social media to your advantage.

One way in which you will be able to get some great property rentals is through the use of Twitter. As you might normally have seen, whenever people have a question or a statement to make, they use the hashtag to do that. If other people are doing it to find answers to their questions, then you can do the same as well. All you need to do is type in your location along with a short description and place a hashtag. You’ll be surprised to find the amount of search results that you would be garnering.

Follow, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin

Google is already well-known for helping SEO companies to improve their website visibility and increase the search rankings. If businesses can benefit with Google, then you as an individual can as well. That is with the help of Google+ Hangouts. With the cooperation of this application, you’ll be able to get an almost 3D view of property management DC. Also, you will also be able to see the surrounding areas and neighborhood of your desired location. In this way, it would become significantly easier for you to determine whether you would like to rent that place or not.

With the assistance of social media, people are now able to move to areas, which they have never visited. This assists low-income individuals in finding housing which is more suitable to their economic living condition.

Therefore, as you can see, social media can work a lot in your favor – more than you could ever have imagined. So it is high time that you finally start putting your electronic gadgets and social media accounts to good use and find a great rental for yourself.

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The Home Remodeling Industry Takes a Hold of Social Media

The Home Remodeling Industry Takes a Hold of Social Media

A current credit report by the Bench Web & American Life Task discovered that 82 percent of all Americans over age 18 access the Internet every day, and maybe more remarkably, majority of American adults over the age of 65 are online also. With such a big percentage of the population aiming to the Internet for news, info and networking daily, social networks websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter offer excellent potential for reaching a large number of your customers, staff members and their associated networks at reasonably no charge.

Because of that, the development of an active online existence can seem like a no-brainer for home renovation business. Specifically those wanting to enhance brand name awareness, share ideas and motivation with house owners and promote achievements such as awards and media hits to prospective customers and workers alike.

For business like ours, and businesses in general, we’ve found that the key to an effective social media existence lies in first identifying who and where your audience is and the best ways to efficiently communicate with them using each site’s distinct functions and tools. Before launching a profile, determine who you wish to reach in the area– the way you speak with your clients might vary significantly from how you connect with employees and partners, and the content you offer will absolutely alter depending upon the end user. While your objective of maximizing awareness of your business might be a constant and assisting factor in your total social media method, avoid taking a look at each specific website through the very same lens, and consider the individual advantages that each website needs to provide.

Below are a few methods making one of the most of your existence on the most popular social networks websites:

facebookFacebook: The biggest and most established social networking website, Facebook is poised to exceed one billion users by August of this year. Possibilities are, a big percentage of your customer base is active on the website, and utilizes it daily both to interact with pals and follow their preferred brand names and companies. Offer those homeowners a blend of beneficial material, such as relevant research on the real estate market and instructional pointers on ways to optimize their home’s energy efficiency, in addition to more particular offers, coupons and offers to incentivize them to use your services.

linkedinLinkedIn: Facebook is an excellent location to interact with clients, LinkedIn can work as a prime place for showcasing the services, advantages and culture your company offers employees. Since the target audience on this website is likely current and potential workers, benefit from LinkedIn functions such as the capability to connect to other social media networks and produce a custom-made “Careers” page with task posts, worker testimonials and business news and info. Remember that by setting your LinkedIn profile to public, you’ll have a much better chance to cast a broad recruiting internet.

PinterestPinterest: Among the most recent socialmedia trends, Pinterest’s user base is growing like wildfire and it’s an excellent example of the visual pattern in social networking. Users cull through countless images with the capability to conserve their favorites in tailored classifications called “pinboards.” House remodeling experts can use the website to highlight their work, like a recent kitchen design as inspiration for house owners, preferably developing a visually pleasing and interesting palette of images that optimal convey the kind of services that are available through their business.

With social media, just like many things in life, it’s unworthy doing if it isn’t really done right. Prevent utilizing social media as a marketing tool if you do not have the time or resources to devote to doing it appropriately, and understand that even though it may be totally free in cost, it takes a bargain of idea and time to develop and preserve a reliable online presence.

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Supporting Workplace Flexibility For A Happier Society

Supporting Workplace Flexibility For A Happier Society

Sir Richard Branson has a wonderful view to work life balance which he affords to all his employees throughout his vast corporate empire. His belief is that making work a more pleasant place to be, by offering more flexibility; such as the ability to dress down, work from home or part-time, and take unpaid leave if they wish, will attract people and encourage them to stay and fulfill their potential.

We echo his belief and encourage all employers to, at least in part, follow his example. We are all about creating innovative workplace solutions and flexibility in support of modern families with the belief that it will create a happier society, and a better, more productive workplace.

CV For Working FamiliesOur support of working families is not limited to supporting the core family unit of parents with children, but also workers who require flexibility around the needs and demands of their extended family.

For example we spoke with Vicky who, as well as having a full time job, is also the primary caregiver for her elderly and sick mother.

Vicky’s mother requires full time care. And while she does benefit from the services of a home health aide it still places a lot of demand on Vicky. She was struggling to figure out how she would manage her full time job working in translations services for an Interpreting Agency.

Vicky contacted us for some advice before approaching her employer to request some understanding and flexibility.

Luckily the translations agency Vicky works for showed themselves to be an innovative and modern employer who were very willing to cooperate, extending their appreciation for her as an employee. Together they reached the following agreement:

Aside from company meetings, client meetings and prescheduled translations and interpreting appointments Vicky has been granter flexible working hours.
She has been connected up to the company’s server so that she can work remotely to suit her circumstances.
A small team of other employees have been appointed as Vicky’s ‘shadows’, ready to step into Vicky’s shoes should she become unavailable at short notice. This is particularly important for Vicky’s work as a court interpreter.

We encourage all employers around the country to be equally as adaptive as Vicky’s employers have been. It will always result in a happier, more loyal and ultimately more productive workplace. It is often wrongly assumed that being too ‘lenient’ with employees will result in employees becoming slack or taking advantage.

We think you’ll find that the exact opposite will prove to be true.

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Using Social Media To Find DUI, DWI & OWI Lawyers

Using Social Media To Find DUI, DWI & OWI Lawyers

Drunk driving is something that people simply should not be doing. Driving while you are under the influence is dangerous for you as well as the other drivers on the road, and there is never an excuse for behaving so recklessly. Especially with the establishment of Uber and Lyft, there are multiple ways to get home safely (even without a designated driver). The key is to know before you even go out drinking that there are all of these options available to you and that each of them is less expensive than getting a DUI. Even with a variety of options to get home safely, some people still get in the car and drive home after a night of drinking. If you happen to get a DUI, you will need to look for a DUI attorney who can help you with your case. While most people will use a search engine to find a good lawyer, others will turn to social media for their search. There are two ways you can use social media to find a DUI lawyer.

First, you can use it to reach out to your network of friends, family members, and colleagues to ask for recommendations. Most people choose to do this in a private way with messages to friends rather than posting a status update announcing your DUI to the world. This way you can avoid a lot of negative comments from disapproving friends and family. If you know of a friend who got a DUI, then you can reach out to them on Facebook via a private message. You can also take a look at some of the pages people like to see if anyone has liked a DUI lawyer. It’s always nice to get recommendations from people you know rather than just choosing blindly.

You can also use social media websites to learn more about a New Jersey DWI lawyer and to see reviews left by previous clients. Yelp can be a great source to see what people did and did not like about specific attorneys. You may also be able to figure out if a lawyer specialized in DUI law or if he practices in a variety of legal fields. Many DUI lawyers will also practice personal injury law and a couple of other types of law to ensure that they always have business coming in.

A lawyer’s Facebook page for his business will provide you with some additional information that you may not find on his website. It will also help you determine the legitimacy of a law firm. A good law firm will regularly be posting about changes in laws, high profile cases, and local news and issues. Taking a look at Facebook may help you figure out which OWI attorneys are trustworthy and legitimate and which ones have just started or are not putting the maximum effort into their legal practice.

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