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How to Avoid Bankruptcy

How to Avoid Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a financial situation that should be avoided at all costs and should only be filed as a last resort. This is because being declared bankrupt may hurt how people do business with you and may also tarnish your reputation as a person and/or business. It is therefore important to work towards avoiding bankruptcy. Although many people might think that bankruptcy is caused by irresponsible behavior and recklessness, which might not always be the case. Sometimes it may occur due to other financial situations that might get out of hand. It can however be avoided by making these simple adjustments in your daily and financial life:

Have a budget

It is always important to work with a budget. A budget will help you to spend to your abilities and avoid unnecessary expenditures. The money saved by using the budget can then be put into paying debts every month. This will help free you from the shackles of debts and increasing interest rates that could be piling up. If you cannot be able to create a budget have one created for you by a financial advisor or friend but have your family members or business colleagues contribute on how the budget should be so you don’t miss on important things. You need to have a right business structure and that will save your budget.

Cut on daily expenses

Daily small expenses eventually add up to a big chunk of your monthly spending. It is important to cut down on these expenses and especially things that you do not really need. For example if you work close to where you live you may decide to carry coffee and lunch to work to cut on those expenses. This could also help you make healthy decisions on food which will eventually save you on medical bills.

Reduce or avoid borrowing money

Borrowing money unnecessarily is the easiest way to get into debts that you cannot afford. Borrow money only when you can be able to return it and in good time before the debts accumulate and before the interests accrue. If you can do without borrowing, then do not borrow.

Cut on credit card expenditures

Credit cards have high interest rates and other hidden charges that you may not be aware of. Avoid using the credit card where it will charge you more. Reducing the expenses will reduce the interest rates you will have to pay. Read the fine print before acquiring any credit cards. Do not just accept or agree to terms that could get you into trouble later.

These are simple basic rules that can help keep bankruptcy at bay but if you are already in it then getting bankruptcy aid is easy and can assist you take care of your situation.

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Posted by on Oct 1, 2016 in Law | 0 comments

Are you thinking of entering into a contract? Get a written agreement

Are you thinking of entering into a contract? Get a written agreement

There is a whole list of reasons why one should consider getting a written agreement whenever they want to enter into a contract. On the other hand, one doesn’t just sign the contract agreement because it has been presented to them. First, you should read and understand everything that is stated in the contract. This agreement is one that defines the parameters of your working relationship and everything should be clearly stated. Below are some guidelines that should help you to initiate and maintain a partnership which is satisfying to you and your employer;

Written agreements help you stay profitable

In case of future misunderstandings, an agreement which has been well drafted will help solve things amicably. You should ensure that you clearly define all of your responsibilities and all of your fees. If you are an employee who is paid a flat fee, then you will want to consider enumerating your obligations. This will avoid you ending up doing work which may cost you money as well as time. For instance, if you are employed as a computer software developer and you are working as a consultant, then you can use the agreement. It will be the one which will limit your work to a software developer and will exclude all the other works such as program testing.

Define when and how you are paid

In most cases, you will find that a consultant will negotiate a standard up-front retainer. They will then specify a timetable in which they get paid. In the event that they are not paid on time, then there is no work which proceeds. Those payment arrangements which are specifically defined will ensure your client clearly understands when payment should be done. They will also make sure that you as their consultant, you are paid without any delay.

It helps to avoid costly litigation processes

Commercial Litigation is a very expensive affair to engage in. Whenever you are signing a written agreement, there should be a clause which addresses on how the various disputes will be handled. This will save you and your client all the fees that will be paid to the lawyer as well as other costs incurred in the court. It will also save you time which could have been wasted during the lengthy proceedings.

ligitation-processClarify intellectual property ownership

one may be entitled to ownership of copyrights as well as patents for all of their efforts. However, when you are an employee, all of your copyright ownership usually belong to the company which has employed you. As a consultant, you will retain the ownership of any intellectual property developed by the consultancy.

Finally, one should ensure that their agreement has been checked by a lawyer before using it. A Small Business Attorney Services will review and finalize on your agreement document.

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