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Posted by on Jun 1, 2017 in Advertising, SEO, Services | 0 comments

Why Online Reputation Is Important For SEO Experts

Why Online Reputation Is Important For SEO Experts

Now and then, even honest business and website owners become victims of society’s pressure because of wide spreading the false rumors.

Ill-wishers can be everywhere, and the existence of the negative reviews can become a serious problem. Very often users pay attention to reviews to make their own decision.

Cheryl Conner from the portal in her article gives the top tips on online reputation management.

Top Online Reputation Management Tips for Brand Marketers

Many marketing executives fail to understand how poor online reputation management can damage their company’s sales. To that end, I spoke this week with Don Sorensen, president of Big Blue Robot, who has been working with companies and executives for the past 10 years to improve their online reputations. In the process he’s had a direct view of the impact negative search results can have on a company’s bottom line, whether the enterprise is large or small.

You should never underestimate the cost of a poor reputation. For example, Sorensen notes he once consulted with a company that had a severe online reputation problem. When potential customers searched the company’s name, 7 of the top 10 Google results were negative. After careful review of their rankings and prior-year revenues, he estimated the venture was losing nearly $2 million a year in sales because of negative search engine results. The company confirmed his estimates were accurate — but low.

Online reputation management clearly has a big impact on a company’s revenue. I spoke with Don this week about what marketing executives can do to protect their company’s good image online. Here are his answers, advice and insight based on more than a decade of managing online reputations for clients in a wide variety of industries. Read the full article here…

Revealing by users on the Internet even the slightest negative, connected to the firm activity is able to repulse the considerable mass of customers, that can lead to financial losses and even possibly complete withdrawal from the market.

In connection to this, there is a need to conduct the permanent improvement of the company’s reputation, even if it has firm positions and develop rapidly. As every company has a possibility to have negative reviews, especially in conditions of sharp competition, when against the company from the competitor’s side can be a real information war unleashed.

Adam C. Uzialko from the portal in his article provides the best online reputation management services.

Best Online Reputation Management Services 2017

We reviewed dozens of reputation management services to find the best ones for businesses and individuals, and to help guide you to the right reputation management partner. Here is a roundup of our best picks and an explanation of how we chose them.

Ready to choose a reputation management service? Here’s a breakdown of our complete coverage:

Choosing a Reputation Management Service
Best Reputation Management Service for Individuals
Best Reputation Management Service for Business

Best Reputation Management Service for Businesses: WebiMax

WebiMax’s reputation management tools include a full slate of services, such as crisis response, brand preservation and strategic PR. WebiMax boasts a reasonable cost for its robust services and a commitment of only one month, making it our best pick for reputation management services for businesses. Read the full article here…

The following video explains what is online reputation management.

If you need to improve your online reputation, apply for bellevue wa reputation management services to be sure in the final results.

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Flowers suitable for everything.

Flowers suitable for everything.

If some people try to express condolence, flowers continue to be an important medium. As you already know offering flowers to the funeral ceremony and giving a respect is one of the deceased arrangement there is to the grieving family. That is why is important to appreciate thoughtful way for expressing your feeling for deceased and support to the family. If you are not sure exactly what type of flowers and flower arrangement’s you want to deliver and what are appropriate for funeral services, you can follow these guidelines which let you know about some factors that you should keep in mind while you’re choosing flowers for the funeral services.

For relationship with the deceased

When deciding on flowers for funeral services you should keep in mind a few things that are important for these unfortunate occasions. These things are the personality of the deceased and what might be appropriate and well received by the grieving family. If the deceased person is someone who is very close to you, you might have an idea of his or her favorite color for example so then you must choose this kind of flowers accordingly. If you had a very special and close relationship with the bereaved, so you can give them floral tributes that will at the same time reflect his or her lifestyle, personality, interest, legacy and other things.


Flowers for Sympathy

And you also might need to know something about brighter themes such as flowers for your sympathy, lover or etc. So here are some information’s about kind of flowers you might want to use at the right time. Blue flowers are believed to be calming impact on the person. They are representing peace, brightness, serenity. Pink flowers are flowers you can pick if you need to send them to youth girlfriend, and this color is representing joy, grace, refinement, and happiness. Purple flowers are strongly connected to royalty and success. They are symbols of dignity, pride, accomplishment and admiration. About red flowers e can mention that they are best for representing love, passion, strength and desire. Red flowers can also represent and symbolize beauty, courage, and the heart. White flowers represent reverence they are also connected with innocence, beauty, elegance, and modesty. About yellow flowers we might say that they are also representative of trust and friendship. And orange flowers are about the fun joy and being light hearted. For orange flowers, we can say that they are also seen as showing energy enthusiasm warmth and pride so you can keep this mind when you need to use these advice. Green flowers and foliage demonstrate optimism, satisfaction and passion for life and also renewal. It is also good to know that there is a good connection between green flowers and resilience, good health and fortune as so as you’re young look. There are a lot of different type of colors you can choose to fulfill your wish and desire so can also get information from your flower man or florist. Anyway, this information’s can really help in different occasions so you might want to be wise and use them, it is all up to you!

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How Mercedes Benz Can Capitalize On Social-Better

How Mercedes Benz Can Capitalize On Social-Better


A Look at Mercedes-Benz’ Viral Video ‘The Catch’

There are very few sure-thing formulas when it comes to trying to create a video that will be shared time and again over social media to the point of being considered viral. Catching insane natural phenomena on video is one way to get millions of views, especially if the event appears dangerous in some manner like being stuck in a hurricane or filming a tornado as it tears its way through your town. Likewise, catching an animal doing something out of the ordinary will also end up garnering a massive amount of hits, especially if said animal is a cat. One video type that isn’t as reliably viral but can yield impressive view counts, though, is when people attempt to break or create world records. Mercedes-Benz video ‘The Catch’ is one such video, which, to date, has earned itself over 2.7 million views.

Released in June of 2012, ‘The Catch’ was released at a time when the internet couldn’t have been more ripe insofar as viral YouTube videos are concerned. If you take into consideration that the ridiculously popular (and hilariously ridiculous) music video Gangnam Style by PSY was released less than a month after Mercedes’ video, it’s not difficult to imagine ‘The Catch’ having received millions more views with only minor changes to the presentation. By no means should this be taken as an implication that the car manufacturer’s video should have been a Korean music video, but there are a few tiny modifications that we think could have likely doubled its view count.


‘The Catch’ would benefit from a little commentary overlay that described either why they did the stunt, where the idea came from, previous attempts by other people or some other bits of interesting information. Preferably, this commentary would be given by David Coulthard and Jake Shephard – the driver and golfer, respectively – to quickly create the feeling that they have some sort of bond with each other. The commentary wouldn’t have to be the entire length of the video, but would have been well suited to happen during the failed attempts at the beginning of the video.

Different Branding

While this change would be practically impossible, the video still would have likely received many more views if a different entity had released it. Rather than Mercedes-Benz itself, a smaller company loosely associated with Mercedes like Adsitco ( would have made the feat feel like a bigger win all around. ‘The Catch’ still would have brought all the intended attention to the SLS, but a smaller organization wouldn’t have felt like there was unlimited money behind the filming. The burnout and breaking after the catch could have transitioned into, “if you need replacement brakes for your Mercedes visit us”. Or “If you blow your Engine out on your Mercedes Benz get one from us”. Being able to drive sales directly through a marketing effort like this could increase sales on items like Transmissions and other parts related to owning a Mercedes Benz like drivetrains.

Rules Breakdown

Whether part of the aforementioned commentary or just as a brief text overlay, the video should have described the parameters used to make it a world record. As one YouTube commenter noted, “couldn’t you just install a giant funnel on top of your car?” You see, by posting the rules directly in the video, people would have been more tempted to attempt to break the record set in ‘The Catch’, which in turn would have meant more repeated viewings and inbound links.

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Advertising in Seattle

Advertising in Seattle

Advertising is a form of marketing communication used to promote or sell something, usually a business’s product or service. Advertisements have become a big part of society in the modernized world of today. When people look around the world, they can see all of the various advertisements not only on TVs and newspapers, but also on billboards, buses and walls of buildings. The two most successful means of advertisement are television and magazines. This is mainly because the majority of the populations prefer to pay attention to those types of communications. But, in the last decade or so, we have seen a massive growth of internet advertising, a method which is quickly becoming the most dominant one.

Advertising is a way to showcase one’s products or services and offer consumers a vast choice in terms of what they are offered and what they can choose to buy. For the consumers, advertising offers them a choice to get at the best in the market at the best price. The City of Seattle is home to a number of successful advertising agencies. If you wish to mount a great advertising campaign, Seattle Advertising Digital Agency ( is one of the best picks you can make. As a digital agency, Seattle Advertising will create, update, optimize, and refresh. As a traditional agency,  they compose, craft, and distribute. It’s the balance between the two that keeps the agency grounded, focused, and ready to take your sales to the next level.  Seattle Advertising Digital Agency is the winner of 2013, 2014 and 2015 AP advertising firm of the year award given by Seattle Metro Magazine, was awarded with the Best Website Designer Golden Tiger award in 2014 and 2015 by NorthWest Magazine and was also named winner of the 2013 and 2015 Mens Travel Magazine’s Travel Cup Award for best digital marketing. You can find Seattle Advertising at 4-102 Bellevue Way NE, suite 500, Washington 98004 or visit the website


Another choice would be Add3. Add3 is a digital marketing agency with offices based in Seattle and Portland. Add3 prides in delivering integrated digital marketing campaigns across search, social & display advertising that help their clients achieve their desired marketing goals. Highlights that can be mentioned about Add3 would be that Add3 was named as one of the finalists for Washington’s Best Workplaces by the Puget Sound Business Journal. Add3 is also credited for launching or co-founding three successful independent ventures dedicated to facilitating collaboration among the Pacific Northwest’s online advertising and broader technology communities, namely, The Northwest Internet Advertising Group, SEMpdx, and the Seattle Interactive Conference. You can visit to get more information about Add3. Also, you can give a chance to NWIAG (NorthWest Internet Advertising Group) Created in 2005 and officially formed in 2006, the Northwest Internet Advertising Group was formed to create an environment where internet advertising professionals can network with peers relevant to their industry and share contacts as well as exchange ideas. NWIAG hosts monthly social, education, and networking events at various venues in and around the Seattle area. You can visit for more information.

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