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Posted by on Mar 28, 2016 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

Use social media to find camping buddies 

Use social media to find camping buddies 

If you love camping but you don’t have many friends that share the same passion with you, you should try finding them online. Nowadays people use internet to find whatever they can, so why wouldn’t you do the same? Camping is definitely an incredibly rewarding and enriching activity and experience in which people of all ages can take part. When carried out properly, outdoor camping is amongst life’s real pleasures. Well before embarking on a backyard journey on your own or with relatives and buddies, it is essential to understand well tested camping outdoors suggestions and recommendations.  Find your buddies via Facebook, twitter and other social media, you can make and event and invite people to join. After you have gathered your new buddies, you should consider this tips to make your camping easy and more enjoyable.

In no way hike on your own. It may well sound juvenile, but always employ the mate method. It could be very easy to get lost or turned around in general. You could get injured and no one would be able to help you.

If camping is something you are a novice to, have the first trip close to where you live. You might come upon problems with your equipment. Additionally, plan to make the journey short. If beginner hikers go on a long trip for the first time there is a possibility they will not bring sufficient food or clothing. A great deal of disasters can befall new campers, so sticking near your residence is wise.

When it comes to camping it is very important to know where you are, and exactly how to return to civilization if you get lost. Usually people bring a map of the location, as well as a compass with them. You can also use GPS navigation that gives you many information and facts, as well as the altitude you are at. Or you could find one of those fancy looking paracord watches for sale as they often have compass, whistle and fire starter and are, in most cases, waterproof so you don’t need to worry about getting them wet. This is nice and very useful gadget.


Make sure to have camping first aid kit as it is very important to have something to treat injuries with. You don’t know what can happen when camping, you could fall, slip, sprain your ankle, get bitten by a snake, cut yourself and many other things, and as you are far from the nearest doctor you have to treat injuries so they don’t become infected. Infected injuries can be just a pain in the neck, or can even lead to leg amputation. You never know what could get into your wound if you do not disinfect it, and what consequences it might have. If some items in your first aid kit are missing or out of date replace them with the new ones. Always check the expiration date on them.

Ensure that you prevent any venomous plants. A great idea would be to stop at the ranger station and find out what sorts of dangerous vegetation are in the region so you can know how they look like and what to avoid, and what to do if you get in contact with them around the path. If you are not sure if something is edible or not, don’t try to eat it.

When going camping, choose wisely what food to bring on a trip. Go with something that is not easy to spoil and that doesn’t need to be kept in a fridge. Lots of people get meals poisoning each and every year on camping because they do not package properly. Best would be to go with different cans. And don’t under any conditions forget to bring a can opener on a trip.


Another useful gadget is paracord survival kit as it has a fire starter, carabiner, knife scraper and several feet of paracord. These kits can usually be used for fishing too. And are very easy to attach to belts and keys. And similar to this product is paracord survival bracelet, it also has knife scraper, several feet of paracord, fire starter and compass. You just put it on your hand and enjoy in camping.

Take your mobile phone with you on camping. Mobile devices are very beneficial in emergency situations and should not be left in your house. When you go camping outdoors it may help you reach authorities and emergency personnel so bring it with you.

A great hint for everyone who is planning going on camping vacation would be to bring along some hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is ideal for maintaining your hands bacteria free, but it can also serve as a disinfectant if you get injured and don’t have access to first aid kit.

You could bring a card game set so you have something to do when the night comes. And also, you need fire so buy best survival fire starter you can find and use it for lighting a fire. And exercise campfire security. Make certain your flame pit is not constructed near any tree limbs so you don’t set them on fire. Keep shovels along with a pail water nearby the flame at all times. By no means leave your campfire unattended and completely put it out just before going to sleep.

Buy some camping out pillows for the getaway. Typical bedroom pillows tend not to be very effective because of the outdoor oxygen, mainly because they take in moisture content from air, and can easily mildew and mold. Camping outdoors cushions have a safety covering to avoid the consumption of humidity. Put on a head wear if you’re having trouble keeping comfortable through the night. It could get chilly out in no time. And bring small led flashlight with you on a trip, in case it rains and you are not able to light a fire.

Camping out gives pretty much any person the chance to peacefully commune with nature. As a way to have the sort of experience you truly want, it is required to have proper equipment mentioned above and to know how to act and how to deal with some situations and problems you can encounter. Camping trip will stay in your memory for a long, long time so make sure you remember it for the good things, and not for the bad ones. If you don’t run into any severe problem during camping you will come home relaxed and excited.  We hope this article helped you to have better time with your friends when you go camping.

I am a freelancer living and working from Brighton, England. Hate broccoli.

Thomass Vaughn

I am a freelancer living and working from Brighton, England. Hate broccoli.

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