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How to take a proper care of your lawn? 

How to take a proper care of your lawn? 

Many homeowners want their yards to look as appealing as possible. They take care of trees, bushes, and other plants, and make sure they have enough water and nutrients. Also, they trim them when necessary, and ensure they don’t overgrow.

Besides them, a lawn has a vital role in the overall look of your yard. If you take a proper care of it, your guests and neighbors will notice it. On the other side, if you don’t, they will think of you as a lazy homeowner. Maintaining a beautifully looking lawn is not easy. The most common issue that can occur is a weed. If it is ruining the appeal of your yard, and you can get rid of it, you will need to take active measures against them.

If you need help with managing weeds, you should contact one of the herbicide distributors. Herbicides are ideal for weed control. Their purpose is to kill it or restrain its growth. They will assist in improving the look of your lawn. However, be careful, as using them can be complicated. Read instructions thoroughly, and follow them if you want to avoid any issues.


There are two types of herbicides, depending on their effects. The first one is selective. It includes herbicides that kill weeds without causing too much harm. The second category is non-selective. If you use them correctly, they will damage or kill all plants. In certain situations, they tend to act selectively if there is an excessive application and when the selective solution can be phytotoxic. If you think you don’t know enough, go online and search for more information. The choice of herbicides depends on the environment conditions, the way of application, chemical formulation, the dosage, and the stages of weed growth.

They can kill weeds such as crabgrass, dandelions, and other grasses that can cause damage to your lawn. Some of them are meant for specific plants, while others can treat a broad range of issues. Make sure you apply herbicides accurately and safely if you want to prevent any damage to your lawn and other plants. Also, remember that you need to avoid the exposure of children and pets to these chemicals. They can have a harmful reaction to their bodies. Get familiar with the steps of herbicide application and follow them correctly.


Always choose a high-quality herbicide, such as razorpro. Also, try to determine the size of the area you want to treat. It will help you calculate the amount of this product you need to prepare. Additionally, read the label carefully, especially the emergency instructions. Besides knowing how much of it to use, and how many times, you should know what to do if it comes in contact with your skin, or eyes. Wear proper clothing, such as long pants and a shirt with long sleeves. Gloves are also necessary, to protect your hands. According to the instructions, mix the herbicide and spray on the weeds directly. Don’t apply it to your garden plants, as you might damage them, or worse. You can also buy organic herbicides, as they are more environmentally friendly. Now that you know more about these chemicals, you can take a proper care of your lawn.


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How Mercedes Benz Can Capitalize On Social-Better

How Mercedes Benz Can Capitalize On Social-Better


A Look at Mercedes-Benz’ Viral Video ‘The Catch’

There are very few sure-thing formulas when it comes to trying to create a video that will be shared time and again over social media to the point of being considered viral. Catching insane natural phenomena on video is one way to get millions of views, especially if the event appears dangerous in some manner like being stuck in a hurricane or filming a tornado as it tears its way through your town. Likewise, catching an animal doing something out of the ordinary will also end up garnering a massive amount of hits, especially if said animal is a cat. One video type that isn’t as reliably viral but can yield impressive view counts, though, is when people attempt to break or create world records. Mercedes-Benz video ‘The Catch’ is one such video, which, to date, has earned itself over 2.7 million views.

Released in June of 2012, ‘The Catch’ was released at a time when the internet couldn’t have been more ripe insofar as viral YouTube videos are concerned. If you take into consideration that the ridiculously popular (and hilariously ridiculous) music video Gangnam Style by PSY was released less than a month after Mercedes’ video, it’s not difficult to imagine ‘The Catch’ having received millions more views with only minor changes to the presentation. By no means should this be taken as an implication that the car manufacturer’s video should have been a Korean music video, but there are a few tiny modifications that we think could have likely doubled its view count.


‘The Catch’ would benefit from a little commentary overlay that described either why they did the stunt, where the idea came from, previous attempts by other people or some other bits of interesting information. Preferably, this commentary would be given by David Coulthard and Jake Shephard – the driver and golfer, respectively – to quickly create the feeling that they have some sort of bond with each other. The commentary wouldn’t have to be the entire length of the video, but would have been well suited to happen during the failed attempts at the beginning of the video.

Different Branding

While this change would be practically impossible, the video still would have likely received many more views if a different entity had released it. Rather than Mercedes-Benz itself, a smaller company loosely associated with Mercedes like Adsitco ( would have made the feat feel like a bigger win all around. ‘The Catch’ still would have brought all the intended attention to the SLS, but a smaller organization wouldn’t have felt like there was unlimited money behind the filming. The burnout and breaking after the catch could have transitioned into, “if you need replacement brakes for your Mercedes visit us”. Or “If you blow your Engine out on your Mercedes Benz get one from us”. Being able to drive sales directly through a marketing effort like this could increase sales on items like Transmissions and other parts related to owning a Mercedes Benz like drivetrains.

Rules Breakdown

Whether part of the aforementioned commentary or just as a brief text overlay, the video should have described the parameters used to make it a world record. As one YouTube commenter noted, “couldn’t you just install a giant funnel on top of your car?” You see, by posting the rules directly in the video, people would have been more tempted to attempt to break the record set in ‘The Catch’, which in turn would have meant more repeated viewings and inbound links.

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Improve the look of your yard by adding retaining walls

Improve the look of your yard by adding retaining walls

There are many different options if you want to improve the look of your yard. You can add a fountain, patio, trees, bushes, flowers, and different plants. You can even hire professionals who offer landscape design, and it will result in an amazingly looking yard. Say goodbye to neglected garden by hiring a reputable gardening company.

Professionals offer different services, such as landscape design, landscape maintenance, professional lawn care, adding patios, water features, retaining walls, fireplaces, outdoor lighting, and many other. If you want to know more about them, Elite Horticulture Services will provide you with information.


One of the ways you can enhance the appeal of your yard is by adding retaining walls. Not only it will make it look great, but it will also increase the value of your home. Retaining walls add to the beauty of the yard, and they are an eye catching point in a yard layout. Besides improving the look of your garden, the basic purpose of retaining walls is to resist the pressure of soil. They are usually thicker at the base than at the top because the pressure of soil is the lowest at the top of the wall.

Retaining walls are an important part of most yard projects, and that’s why it is wise to call in the professionals. You can build them by yourself, but if you lack the skills and knowledge, it would be better to let someone experienced to do this for you. If you want to have a great yard, hire experienced professionals, don’t trust the rookie with your yard, because it might result in poorly built walls. The function of retaining walls is to resist the pressure of soil, and water pressure, so if you don’t want the walls to collapse after some time, hire the best professionals you can find. If you hire them, you will be able to relax because everything will be done properly. The correctly built wall can last for a lifetime, that’s why it is important to take your time and find the best professionals.


When you are looking for the right professionals, it is always the best idea to start your search on the web. Decide on a budget for this project, think about what kind of retaining wall you want to have, what size, and then contact professionals. When searching online, grab a pen and paper, so that you can make notes about the companies you find. Bookmark a few websites as well, and you will have all the information you need. Compare the prices of different companies, and services they offer, so that you can compare the value for money.

You need to set aside a few hours for the internet search so that you can be sure you can get a good deal. Looking for anything online takes time, and you can’t stop with it after looking at just one or two websites. If you want to be aware of everything on the market, put in the work on your research. When you find the right company, contact them, ask about the license, years of experience, and anything else you want to know, and if you are satisfied with the answers, hire them.

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